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  • 2015 FIFA golden ball 3 candidates

  • The FIFA headquarters in Zurich Switzerland, 2015 FIFA men's and women's foot golden globe former 3 candidates, the FIFA world's best men's and women's foot coach three candidates,

  • FIFA desire for real Madrid to punishment

  • In April 2015, searle radio has revealed that real Madrid because the existence in youth player signings irregularities, may be the FIFA punished the coming transfer window signings, but in the end

  • shares FIFA squad list of the year

  • buffon (Italy)/Juventus, iker casillas (Spanish/Porto), DE gea (Spain)/united, nawaz (costa rica/real Madrid), neuer/bayern Munich (Germany).

  • The FIFA team analysis of the year

  • FIFA and individually by FIFA (the international union of professional soccer players) the selection of the team of the year candidate list, the list is a total of 55 people, at the end of each year

  • Rode Has No Plan to Leave

  • Rode does not have a plan to leave Bayern now though he has less chances to play for injuries.

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